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providing customers with
pre-sales technical support and after-sales maintenance services.
providing customers with
pre-sales technical support and after-sales maintenance services.

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Our professional team
is dedicated to
providing customers

with pre-sales technical support and after-sales maintenance services. Outside of Hong Kong, Langtech Limited has established offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing. We also have factories and laboratory facilities in Tianjin and Guangzhou, servicing customers all over China.




Low Pressure Die-casting Machines / 广筑浸渍式电加热保温炉E型 / 广筑辐射式电加热保温炉C型

Die Casting

TOYO Die Casting Machines Ds Series / 东洋压铸机BD系列

Injection Moulding

TOYO Injection Moulding Machines Si-6Series

Surface Finishing

Turbo Disk System / Bell System / Auto Gun System

Micro Precision Assembly

Assembly Equipment for Micro Precision Parts

Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors for automotive instrumental clusters / Stepper motor X27.xxx / Stepper motor X23 / Stepper motor X40 / Stepper motor X65.xxx / Analogue car clock stepper motor

Metal Working

Sheet Metal Working Machines / Roll Forming Production Lines


Wide Strip Welder For Steel Plant / Wire Butt Welding Machines / Robotic Welding Equipment

Case Studies

Landing Door Production Line for Elevators
One of the leading elevator companies approached Langtech/ WEMO in investigating the feasibility of in-house production of landing doors. This company had been relying on subcontractor to supply unpainted, galvanized steel landing doors as well as stainless steel landing doors. The demand reaches more than 3000 landing doors per day. To maximize production efficiency and effectiveness, they approached Langtech/ WEMO to discuss a production solution in achieving full quality control, just-on-time delivery and environmental friendliness. After many discussions, WEMO had then come up with a proposal of a fully automatic production line with 6 loading stations, 2 punching stations, 4 bending stations and 1 clinching station. The design connects the end of the WEMO line to the client’s packaging line, so then landing doors are transferred automatically to the packaging station. The landing doors are packed and loaded directly to the truck and are ready to be delivered to respective construction sites. No storage space is necessary during the entire B-to-C process. Moreover, the WEMO line is capable of working with prepainted steel and stainless steel. A painting process is no longer necessary and hence the old painting line is demolished. As a result, more effective space is available to the customers together with less harmful emission to the environment. The WEMO production line is capable of producing landing doors at the rate of 1 piece per 6.8 seconds. The line has now been in production for more than 2 years with after sales service support from Langtech engineers. Langtech/ WEMO have continually assisted the customer to maximize their profit.

What news

20 Years of Excellence

An exceptional 20-year From a Company of just 20 people to an enterprise of over 200 staff members, from a machinery sales Company expanding to a Groups of Company consisting trading, manufacturing and Research & Development. Langtech has grown, developed, matured and diversified over these 20 years. A collaborative 20-year Behind today’s success are diligent and dedicated staff members who have stayed by our side for the past years. They have made today possible and I would like to thank them all for their contributions to Langtech. A metamorphic 20-year The equipment we handle now covers Surface finishing, high pressure casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting, furnaces of different types, sheet metal working, roll forming, laser welder for steel mills and precision parts assembly. The industries we supply to include automotive, home appliance, steel production, building products and smart phone components. A flourishing 20-year During these years, Langtech and her corporate partners have built up substantial market share for the supply of die casting equipment for automotive parts industry, low pressure casting systems for engine components plants, laser welders for steel mills and surface finishing system for building product market. We owe a debt of gratitude to our corporate partners for their partnership with and recognition of Langtech. Our success would not have been possible without your continued support. A humbling 20-year Following the rapid development of China, its market is growing more competitive day by day, offering more options and varieties to consumers. At the same time, our clients are seeking for better quality in our products and services. Langtech has always valued business morals and human connections. In the future, we will continue to stand by our belief and vision, and to strive for our best. Directors of Langtech Joe Hung, Stephen Cheung, Wang Lin
- 2017-08-14 -

Langtech Celebrates 20th Anniversary in 2014

Langtech celebrates its 20th anniversary as more than 200 employees, business partners and other valued guests gathered at the dinner banquet at Crowne Plaza, Guangzhou Science City on November 7th, 2014. Embarking on this milestone, Langtech reflects upon their journey in the past 20 years and extends their heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to long-term partners, loyal clients as well as dedicated staff members. Photos of the event can be downloaded here.
- 2017-03-23 -