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Landing Door Production Line for Elevators

One of the leading elevator companies approached Langtech/ WEMO in investigating the feasibility of in-house production of landing doors.

This company had been relying on subcontractor to supply unpainted, galvanized steel landing doors as well as stainless steel landing doors. The demand reaches more than 3000 landing doors per day.

To maximize production efficiency and effectiveness, they approached Langtech/ WEMO to discuss a production solution in achieving full quality control, just-on-time delivery and environmental friendliness.

After many discussions, WEMO had then come up with a proposal of a fully automatic production line with 6 loading stations, 2 punching stations, 4 bending stations and 1 clinching station. The design connects the end of the WEMO line to the client’s packaging line, so then landing doors are transferred automatically to the packaging station. The landing doors are packed and loaded directly to the truck and are ready to be delivered to respective construction sites. No storage space is necessary during the entire B-to-C process.

Moreover, the WEMO line is capable of working with prepainted steel and stainless steel. A painting process is no longer necessary and hence the old painting line is demolished. As a result, more effective space is available to the customers together with less harmful emission to the environment.

The WEMO production line is capable of producing landing doors at the rate of 1 piece per 6.8 seconds.

The line has now been in production for more than 2 years with after sales service support from Langtech engineers.

Langtech/ WEMO have continually assisted the customer to maximize their profit.

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