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Injection Moulding

TOYO Injection Moulding Machines Si-6Series

Product Description
New control unit "System 600"
  • High speed, highly accurate injection motion control
  • Built-in high performance digital load cell
  • V-mode injection control (adjustable response function)
  • Just pack control (high precision holding pressure control)
  • Moulding navigation function (moulding condition input support and diagnosis function)
Newly designed injection unit
  • For thin wall and high precision molding
Inherited technology
  • Developed through academic-industrial cooperation The "V-clamp" for optimal mold clamping
  • The SRC-ll metering system ensures uniform metering density
  • The SRC-lll prevents melt backflow
Complies with global safety standards
  • Japan (K1001: The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers)
  • China (GB22530: National Standard)
  • Europe (CE Mark)
  • North America (ANSI/SPI)
  • South Korea (KC Mark)