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Low Pressure Die-casting Machines

Model Number : LP000001
Product Description
Control System
  • Manual-Individual Operation of all functions for setting.
  • Semi Automatic-Sequential operation for 1 cycle only.
  • Automatic-Fully automatic machine operation.
Pressurization Control
  • Full closed loop feed back system giving precise control either by set curve or direct metal sensor system.
Temperature Control
  • A PID temperature control system is provided to ensure precise control of the molten metal temperature.
Die Cooling Systems
  • Air, Water or Air/Water systems are available as options to meet customers’ precise requirements.
Heating Systems
  • Burner control systems for die pre-heating and feeder temperature are available as options.
Environmental Protection
  • Machines can be fully enclosed ready for connection to dust and fume extraction equipment to ensure a clean and healthy working environment.