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About Langtech

Langtech Ltd., with its headquarter in Hong Kong, specializes in the sales and service of production line for nonferrous alloy casting, surface finishing and custom-made equipment. Apart from serving as the bridge between Chinese automotive industry and household appliance industry with foreign advanced technologies, Langtech has also made substantial growth together with the rapid development of the Chinese Industries.

Headquarter in
Hong Kong
Production line for
nonferrous alloy casting
Service of
Surface finishing

Langtech has now developed into a Group of Companies,

with activities consisting Technology Development, Manufacturing and Trading.

Thanks to the technical support from our overseas Principals and the hard work of our engineers, Langtech is now producing in our own facilities, automatic electrostatic painting systems and low pressure die casting machine with remarkable quality and competitive price. These systems and machineries, built with the latest technology, have met the satisfaction of many customers in our market.